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Tanner Kern breaks down the biggest news from the NFL world, discusses fantasy football stategy, and gives his future bets for the 2022 season on the debut of the CHFF Show.

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2023 NFL Season

Atlanta Falcons

Jacksonville Jaguars
Value Rank Quality Stat Value Rank
15.10 16 Quality Stats Power Rankings 18.71 21
50% 11 Quality Standings 50% 9
15.45 18 Scoreability 17.84 29
15.98 10 Bendability 13.93 22
0.53 16 Intelligence Index -3.91 27
4.65 26 Real Passing Yds/Attempt 5.92 17
5.15 9 Defensive Real Passing Yds/Attempt 6.90 25
68.68 25 Real Quarterback Rating 73.22 22
76.74 14 Defensive Real Quarterback Rating 95.20 27
-8.06 21 Real Quarterback Rating Differential -21.98 26
82.76 22 Offensive Passer Rating 85.23 19
78.17 8 Defensive Passer Rating 95.28 22
4.59 16 Passer Rating Differential -10.05 22
12.33 15 Offensive Hog Index 13.33 17
10.00 8 Defensive Hog Index 8.33 5
-3.34 22 Relativity Index -0.17 14
934 26 Total Team Yards 1,172 14
943 5 Total Team Yards Allowed 1,267 24
-9 15 Total Team Yards Differential -95 19
99.68 13 Offensive Rusher Rating 88.01 17
80.60 10 Defensive Rusher Rating 69.36 8
19.08 7 Rusher Rating Differential 18.65 8


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9/30/2023 | By Tanner Kern
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