Building for the Future: Which Teams Need a Quarterback Change This Offseason?

Grant Mitchell

Let’s face it— it is a quarterback’s league. Eight of the most recent MVP winners have all been quarterbacks, and with today’s rules, an all-time great like Tom Brady is still able to excel at 44 years old.

With the rules favoring QBs and allowing for a more open, free-flowing offensive dynamic, it is no wonder there is such a premium on gunslingers across the league.

So, given the current context of the league, here are the top three teams that need to move on and find a new man under center this offseason, whether by way of injury, performance, or championship aspirations.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger has had a sure-fire Hall of Fame career, and his resume is not to be debated; however, his recent performances have been anything but awe-inspiring, as the Big Ben-led attack of the Steelers currently ranks 26th in Real Quarterback Rating, the second-worst among teams with non-rookie QBs.

Pittsburgh is in fourth place in the AFC North with a 3-3 record and with Mike Tomlin’s record of never finishing a season sub .500 as a head coach in jeopardy; the Steelers are loaded with talent defensively, led by potential Defensive Player of the Year T.J. Watt, extremely talented receivers, and a productive rookie running back.

If Pittsburgh wants to return to the perennial Super Bowl threat that they were earlier in the 2000s, this summer should mark the end of the Roethlisberger tenure.

Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team has underperformed across the board this season after winning last year’s NFC East pennant. While the defense bears a decent amount of responsibility for this, they have not been helped by Taylor Heinecke, and their offense ranked 20th in Real QBR.

Last summer was seen to be the perfect time for WFT to take the leap, show some intent, and be aggressive on the market. Instead, they opted to bolster positions such as cornerback and linebacker while leaving their QB room in the hands of a lifetime backup and a journeyman in Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was injured in week one and has not appeared since.

Although the defense has been far from what they were in 2020, when they were an overall top-five unit, they would be remiss not to at least attempt to bring in a true top-10 talent to lead the team.

Denver Broncos

There has been a carousel in Denver’s quarterback room lately, and although Teddy Bridgewater has been relatively productive in his first season with the Broncos, the team still ranks 18th in Real QBR. His limited playmaking is a negative that cannot be overlooked should the team want to reascend into championship contention.

Denver fans have been begging for an adequate QB since Peyton Manning’s retirement, and they are yet to be obliged by their front office. Looking at the rest of the roster, however, it is obvious that they are ready to compete, boasting speed at skill positions, lockdown corners, and a pass-rush that is led by all-timer Von Miller.

Give the Broncos are real threat under center, and they will turn heads in a division that also features Patrick Mahomes, Derek Carr, and Justin Herbert.