The Stats are Your Ticket to Bankrupting the House

Tanner Kern

How can you not love playoff football? I’ll even take this one step further.


How can you not love playoff football? It’s impossible.


The NFL’s second season is about to begin, and for all of us at Cold, Hard Football Facts, it’s the best time of the year. The stats are as juicy as they will get at this point in the season, and this means they can help us win a lot of money during Wild Card weekend.


If you are not sold on the stats, I just want to show you some numbers.


The Quality Stats Power Rankings combine all our proprietary stats into an algorithm that ranks success. The Super Bowl champion typically comes out of the top few spots, which will happen again in 2021-22.


Nine of the top ten teams in the final Quality Stats Power Rankings made the playoffs. The only team in the top ten eliminated was the Indianapolis Colts, who collapsed against the two-win Jaguars in Week 18. If they had handled business, every team in the top ten would have made the playoffs.


I just want to reiterate the fact that our proprietary stats determine the Quality Stats Power Rankings, and they placed nine playoff teams in the top ten.


To win a Super Bowl, an NFL franchise must have an incredible roster, but there is a reason quarterbacks make the most money. Super Bowl champs typically have a strong quarterback under center.


Real Quarterback Rating put the Cold, Hard Football Facts on the map. This stat was introduced during the 2011 season, and it quantifies all aspects of QB play. It’s the most indicative stat for championship football teams.


Out of the top ten spots, there are seven playoff teams. The first and second place teams are the Packers and Buccaneers, who hold the top two seeds in the NFC.


Lastly, winning teams play smart football. Teams that make opponents work usually prevail in the NFL. The stat Intelligence Index quantifies smart football teams. Out of the top ten, eight playoff teams are on the list.


It’s not a coincidence our stats determine the best teams in the NFL. It’s a tried-and-true formula that has been helping bettors win for years.