Super Wild Card Weekend Props

Tanner Kern

Are you ready for some Wild Card action? The NFL gave us two extra games this weekend and a standalone matchup. This means we must reward them and the sportsbooks with some prop bets.


In the playoffs, big time players make big time plays in big game situations. I am going to put my money on the superstars this weekend that have proven they can handle the spotlight.


Here are my best props for Super Wild Card Weekend!


Mac Jones u29.5 Passing Attempts


Mac Jones has looked like a rookie in the past few weeks of play, which is a problem for the Patriots. New England will not win on Saturday if Jones does not step up for his team. However, I guarantee Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels are thinking of a plan to limit his mistakes.


The best way for New England to win is by running the football and playing great defense. If they can effectively make this happen in the cold, Jones will not throw 30 times. The Patriots rank fifth in Offensive Rusher Rating, so this is their bread and butter.


Hammer the running backs for New England and fade Jones.


Leonard Fournette o58.5 Rushing Yards

Playoff Lenny is a bad man, as we saw last year. Leonard Fournette is questionable heading into Sunday, but this has caused the books to drop his rushing total. I saw Fournette running around on TV, and he looked fine.


Bruce Arians already said if he is cleared to play, Fournette will be a headliner for the Buccaneers. Tampa Bay ranks eighth in Offensive Rusher Rating, and they will face the 28th Ranked unit for Defensive Rusher Rating in Philadelphia.


Fournette rushes for close to 100 if he is given the green light on Sunday.


Dak Prescott 2+ Passing Touchdowns


Many people are expecting the Dallas Cowboys to steamroll the 49ers on Sunday. I would not be so sure of this outcome as the Cowboys have not played well outside of the NFC East this season. However, I still expect Dak Prescott to have a big game throwing the football.


Ezekiel Elliott is not a touchdown machine. When this offense is clicking, Prescott is the player finding holes in the defense. San Francisco ranks 21st in Defensive Real Quarterback Rating and 24th in Defensive Passer Rating.


The combination of these two stats makes me think the Comeback Player of the Year will have a day on Sunday.


Patrick Mahomes o280.5 Passing Yards


Patrick Mahomes is allegedly the best quarterback in the playoffs, so why not place a bet on the young star. Look for Mahomes to take a lot of shots down the field early in this game.


The Steelers are lucky they made the playoffs, but their season will come to an end on Sunday. Pittsburgh is 22nd in the Quality Stats Power Rankings and 29th in Total Team Yards Allowed.


If the Chiefs can protect Mahomes, he goes way over 280 passing yards.