Stock Watch: Chiefs Rocket Up 10 Spots in Power Rankings After Ravens Win

Cameron Smith


Welcome to the Quality Stats Stock Watch, where we track the biggest rises and falls in the leading Quality Stats, then attempt to explain why those shifts are happening.

First up? The Power Rankings, which even out all the Quality Stats to determine which team seems strongest thus far in the season.


Biggest rise: Kansas City Chiefs, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolpins (all up 10)

The skinny: The Chiefs are the most impressive leaper, vaulting 10 spots up to third overall following their impressive victory at Baltimore. The Bucs vault has more to do with two straight wins against overwhelmed opponents, while the Dolphins made a huge move because of their first victory after two surprisingly competitive divisional losses.

Biggest drop: New York Giants (down 9)

The skinny: The Giants' first two losses were relatively competitive. Their third was not. A brutally banged up 49ers team ran roughshod over the Giants, who in turn had no offensive answers. It hasn't been pretty so far, and it'll probably get more ugly before it gets better in New York.


Biggest rise: Miami Dolphins (up 16)

The skinny: As mentioned previously, a significant first win will go a long ways so early in the season.

Biggest drop: Los Angeles Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars (down 13)

The skinny: The Jags were on the wrong side of Miami's successful start, which completely changed their trajectory. The Rams? Falling so far after a single rollercoaster loss to the talented Bills doesn't seem fair, but that should adjust after another week of action.


Biggest rise: Kansas City Chiefs (up 12)

The skinny: Did you watch the Chiefs' KC Masterpiece on Monday Night Football? That's all you need to know. The  Chiefs were largely dominant on both sides of the ball, which is saying something against a team as talented as the Ravens, an impressive outing that landed the Chiefs at the very top of the Real QBR Differential standings.

Biggest drop: Baltimore Ravens (down 17)

The skinny: See above, and then project across to the team on the other side of the ball. The good news for Ravens fans? This is only Week 3, and Baltimore absolutely should (and will) rise up the rankings again.


Biggest rise: Indianapolis Colts and Cleveland Browns (both up 9)

The skinny: The real Philip Rivers has arrived! The Colts quarterback was hugely efficient on offense while the defense got to feast against the Jets, which is a bit like winning an intramural scrimmage. Meanwhile, Baker Mayfield has hit his stride in Cleveland just as the defense has taken over up front (thanks to Myles Garrett).

Biggest drop: Jacksonville Jaguars (down 11)

The skinny: The Jags absorbed a hit from a brutal night for Gardner Minshew II (he threw an interception without a TD) and their defense was gashed by the the Dolphins and ... Ryan Fitzpatrick? Yup. No idea how the Jaguars managed to make Fitzpatrick look like John Elway, but they did.


Biggest rise: San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers (up 6)

The skinny: The 49ers looked likely to suffer a major setback after a raft of injuries decimated their running backs and quarterback. Instead, on the same field a week later, San Francisco got a dominant outing from Jerrick McKinnon and even wide receiver Brandon Aiyuk and vaulted right back up toward the top of the rankings, thanks in part to the Giants missing Saquon Barkley. The Packers just put up another terrific outing thanks to Aaron Jones and co.

Biggest drop: New York Giants (down 16)

The skinny: Yup, here's that Saquon Barkley impact. Despite some struggles against teams packing the box, there's no debate that Barkley sets the tone of the Giants' offense. Without him, the G-men's offensive ground game practically doesn't exist ... all while their defense struggles to contain the rushing attack on the opposite sideline, as the banged up 49ers proved Sunday.