Stat of the Week Wild Card Weekend

Matthew Malec

As we enter the postseason, getting touchdowns over field goals will be crucial to advancing. Our Scoreability stat helps measure which teams are most efficient at turning yards into points. 

Even in a wacky Week 18, the stat went 10-6 (63%), and it finished the year 150-99 (60%), making it one of the top stats. It also forms the offensive half of our "Intelligence Index." 

Let's examine where our Wild Card Weekend participants stand.


Scoreability Rank

New England Patriots


Dallas Cowboys


Cincinnati Bengals


Buffalo Bills 


Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Los Angeles Rams


Philadelphia Eagles


Kansas City Chiefs


Arizona Cardinals


San Francisco 49ers


Pittsburgh Steelers


Las Vegas Raiders


Clearly, excelling in this area helped teams make the playoffs (the Packers and Titans, who are not playing this weekend as they earned byes, are also both top ten in this stat). Nine of the top ten teams made the playoffs, and, as the table shows, only three teams in the bottom half did, all three of them needing to clinch in Week 18 to secure a bid. 

Where does it leave us for this week's games? Let's attack them in chronological order.

The Bengals have a huge lead over the Raiders, who grade out terribly on this stat for a playoff team. Joe Burrow and the Bengals should be well-rested and ready to roll while Las Vegas played a grueling, physical game on Sunday Night. Look for Cincinnati's touchdowns to outlast Raider's field goals. 

The underdog Patriots topped this stat, which should help them keep pace with the high-flying Bills, who are no slouches in their own right. 

Despite the divisional familiarity, that game could have a sneaky amount of points, and do not count a New England upset out. 

The Bucs have a narrow lead over the Eagles, but both sides grade out well. The Eagles probably lack the aerial firepower to win this one, but they should be able to hang around for a while and have a good chance to stay within the number.

For all of their offensive woes, the Cowboys are eviscerating the Niners in this stat. Kyle Shanahan surely has some tricks up his sleeve for the playoffs, but it may not be enough, especially on the road, where the Cowboys' weather is not a concern.

The Chiefs' edge over the Steelers is much smaller than one might expect given the state of their respective offenses. 

Andy Reid always comes prepared for the postseason, but Mike Tomlin will surely have the Steelers ready and fired up. The Chiefs probably secure the home win, but the Steelers' defense could help them hang around, especially if Kansas City is forced to kick field goals.

The Rams edge over the Cardinals is about what we might expect intuitively. The Rams are deserved favorites, but not overwhelming ones.

The trip to (likely) Green Bay for the winner of this one on a short week will not be fun, though.