QB Grades As We Near the Home Stretch

Griffin Carroll

It’s officially time to start looking into the playoff race, an exciting stretch of NFL football awaits.

We’ve got you covered at Cold, Hard Football Facts for whatever type of metric you’re looking to see. One positional group in particular that we always tend to focus on is the performance of quarterbacks.

Let’s take a glance around the league with our favorite QB metrics, Real Passing Yards/Attempt and Real Quarterback Rating, as we find the best and worst through Week 11.

Real Passing Yards/Attempt: 

This metric measures the effectiveness of each quarterback at getting the ball downfield. It also takes into account sacks, which bakes in the quality of the offensive line as well. A full list of all 32 teams and quarterbacks can be found here.

After Week 11, teams with the advantage in this ranking have won 68% of the time.

Top Ten

  1. Matthew Stafford

  2. Kyler Murray/Colt McCoy

  3. Jimmy Garopollo

  4. Derek Carr

  5. Joe Burrow

  6. Dak Prescott

  7. Tom Brady

  8. Kirk Cousins

  9. Aaron Rodgers

  10. Justin Herbert

The bye was nice for Matthew Stafford, who regained his spot at the top by taking the week off.

The Cardinals going 2-1 with Colt McCoy at quarterback is a major win for the NFC’s top seed as they look to win their first Super Bowl.

Kirk Cousins shot up the ranks after a big Week 11 win and has been putting up some strong stats this season. Cousins has thrown 21 touchdowns to just two interceptions on the season, the best TD/INT ratio in the league.

Dak’s reign at the top was short-lived after a poor showing against Kansas City. The Cowboys have now lost two of three and look to get back on track Thanksgiving day.

Bottom Ten

32. Justin Fields/Andy Dalton

31. Jared Goff/Tim Boyle

30. Trevor Lawrence

29. Carolina Panthers

28. Tyrod Taylor

27. Tua Tagovailoa

26. Ben Roethlisberger

25. Matt Ryan

24. Daniel Jones

23. New York Jets

The first Thanksgiving figures to be a doozy between the #32 and #31 passing offenses, don’t expect too many passing fireworks to get the day started.

Going to just clump the Panthers and Jets into an entire team metric at this point, given each team has started three quarterbacks this season.

Cam Newton will start for the second-straight week, while the Jets quarterback situation is a bit of an unknown given Joe Flacco and Mike White were both put on the Covid list.

Real Quarterback Rating: 

Another view into quarterback performance is measured on CHFF through Real Quarterback Rating

Real Quarterback Rating includes rushing attempts, rushing yards, rushing TDs, fumbles and sacks to produce a new kind of rating that measures a quarterback’s overall performance with the ball. Passing numbers are, of course, also included.

Top Ten

  1. Tom Brady

  2. Matthew Stafford

  3. Kirk Cousins

  4. Justin Herbert

  5. Aaron Rodgers

  6. Josh Allen

  7. Jameis Winston/Trevor Siemian

  8. Jalen Hurts

  9. Jimmy Garopollo

  10. Kyler Murray/Colt McCoy

Kirk Cousins continues his rise up our ranks, helping to put the Vikings squarely in the playoff race.

Justin Herbert is authoring a strong season at quarterback. The Chargers are currently the sixth-seed in the AFC after a big win over the Steelers.

Jalen Hurts makes his first appearance in the top-ten of our Real Quarterback Rating, a testament to how this metric takes into account everything a quarterback brings to his team. Hurts rushed for three touchdowns this past Sunday and has helped engineer the top rushing offense in the NFL.

Bottom Ten

32. Justin Fields/Andy Dalton

31. Jared Goff/Tim Boyle

30. New York Jets

29. Trevor Lawrence

28. Tyrod Taylor

27. Carolina Panthers

26. Daniel Jones

25. Matt Ryan

24. Tua Tagovailoa

23. Ben Roethlisberger

If you wanted your pessimism for Lions-Bears on Thanksgiving to be reiterated, here it is. I’ll be betting D’Andre Swift and David Montgomery’s overs simply because of how little I respect these passing offenses.

Matt Ryan continues to slide after being shut out on Thursday Night Football this past week. Meanwhile, Tua is rising in our ranks after three straight wins for the Dolphins.

That will wrap up this week’s look around the league - see you back here next week! For more on the NFL, be sure to follow me on Twitter, @griffybets.