In The Trenches: Super Bowl D-Lines on the Way Down (Really)

Matthew Malec


Week Two featured some crazy games and prompted tons of movement on the index, let's see what the Offensive Hog Index and Defensive Hog Index have to say about what went down.


Green Bay Packers: The Packers now top the index in both yards per carry (at an insane 6.22) and Negative Pass Play Percentage. Aaron Rodgers looks great, and this line looks like the best in the league. The only potential concern is that guard Lane Taylor is out for the season with a knee injury, but overall Green Bay has to love where this unit is at.

Los Angeles Rams: The Rams surged 11 spots into the number three position on the index after obliterating Philadelphia this week. After the line was such a problem for them last year, it would be huge if it actually turned into a strength. Their date with the Bills this week will be telling for both sides. 

Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags were the biggest movers of the week, ascending a whopping 17 spots into the sixth position. And while their 62.5 third down conversion percentage will regress, it does seem like this offense will be at least better than expected, and possibly quite solid.


Indianapolis Colts: The Colts absolutely destroyed the Vikings and in doing so secured the top spot on the index. DeForest Buckner hit his stride in Week 2 and looks like a great addition, and playing the Jets this week should ensure he continues to gel with his new squad.

Baltimore Ravens The Ravens just keep blowing teams away. This week, the defensive line was in the spotlight, rising 13 spots on the index and holding Houston to just 16 points. A showdown for the inside track to AFC's top seed goes down Monday Night when the Chiefs come to town, and this group pressuring Patrick Mahomes III will be key.

Chicago Bears: The Bears were the biggest movers of the week, leaping 14 spots. There's still a lot of talent on this line, led by Khalil Mack's versatility, and there's every reason to think that the top half of the index is where this unit belongs.


Bills Offense: Has the Bills offense actually figured it all out? The line surged 13 spots on the index and Josh Allen is actually playing well. Count us skeptical... for now. Beating up on the Jets and Dolphins should be an expectation, not an achievement. If they continue this level of play against Aaron Donald and the Rams, that will move the needle.

Chiefs Defense: Kansas City rose seven spots on the index, but they were aided by a few rookie mistakes from Justin Herbert, who actually played well outside of those miscues. The Chiefs should be worried about how a guy with minimal practice reps and zero career starts carved them up for much of the day.

49ers Defense: We highlighted the 49ers as a unit to get back on track last week, and they did... sort of. While they did rise eight spots on the index, they lost Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas for the season, and Dee Ford also went down with injury. With Buckner now in Indy, most of the key contributors from last year's fantastic unit are not going to be out there. The alarm bells should be blaring in San Francisco as key injuries pile up on both sides of the ball.