CHFF: 5 Stats for Week 2


ColdHardFootballFacts is back and better than ever for NFL fans and bettors who want to win!  After just one week in which four of the six CHFF ratios had a money line success rate of 80 percent or higher, here's what we learned about the league:


5)  Of course, it is 1/16th through the regular season and the ColdHardFootballFacts are just getting underway for 2019.  But to be honest, if we told you the post-Week 1 CHFF Power Rankings would have the Antonio-less "Raidahs" at No. 3 and the Titans at No. 5, you wouldn't have believed us.

4) Yup, those same Marcus Mariota-led Titans sit at No. 1 in our all important Scoreability category, which measures the team-wide ability to each team to turn yards into points.

3) More of what was expected is the Hoodie's Patriots, who gave up 3 points in the Super Bowl, and 3 points on opening night, sitting atop the CHFF Bendability. This may be Bill's best defense....EVER.

2) SMART TEAMS = SMART BETS is the motto of our Intelligence Index, which measures the brains of NFL football teams. Shocker, the Hoodie is also No. 1 to start the 2019 season, and sitting at No. 2 out of the gate are the Green Bay Packers. Moron McCarthy is gone and if the Packers get smart, look out NFC.

1) The" Running Back" Lamar Jackson sits on top of our Offensive Passer Rating, a CHFF statistic that has won many bets and predicted many Super Bowls. Looks like Lamar may be going Hollywood after all. 

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