Baker Mayfield is Electric

Tanner Kern

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield recently appeared on the “Ya Never Know” podcast, and one of his statements is receiving backlash from Browns nation. Mayfield was the center of scrutiny, and it’s no secret he wants out of Cleveland.


This is especially true with the team signing Deshaun Watson, but his status is still in jeopardy pending punishments over his sexual assault cases. Anyways, Mayfield’s viral comment on the podcast read, “I would love to show up to somebody’s cubicle and just boo the sh-t out of them and watch them crumble.”


As a Patriots fan, I thought the comment was electric, but the Browns’ supporters were not as keen. Fans took to Twitter to let Mayfield know their thoughts, and the comments were not very nice.


Here is one example…


“Baker Mayfield is softer than warm butter. Worse, he’s now in the same category as Sam Darnold. If someone in a cubicle was making tens of millions a year, I’m sure they’d welcome the boos. They wouldn’t be an immature crybaby like these two.”


Some fans were on a different end of the spectrum and invited Mayfield to their workplace.


I would like to formally invite Baker to come to my work and be ‘a fan.’ He can boo, make signs, yell at the ‘ref’ (my wife)… I’m all for it.”


Mayfield claimed that he felt disrespected by the Browns when they traded for and signed Watson to a five-year deal worth $230 million. The entire contract is guaranteed, which broke NFL records.  


Mayfield is looking for a trade, but Cleveland is in a tough position because Watson faces 22 civil lawsuits and could still face an NFL suspension. If this occurs, the Browns will be without a quarterback, and Mayfield is still guaranteed $18.8 million this season.


Mayfield has requested a trade from the Browns and named the Colts as his first choice. This was before Indianapolis signed Matt Ryan. Seattle is a potential destination for Mayfield currently, but the Browns have not made any moves.