5 of the Most Fascinating and Proprietary ColdHardFootballFacts Entering Week 3


5 of the most fascinating and proprietary
ColdHardFootballFacts entering Week 3
5) The further into the season we get, the more predictive the ColdHardFootballFacts become. Week 2 is in the books and there are some clear, powerful trends unfolding. The Power Rankings after Week 2 include the Patriots at No. 1 and the Ravens at No. 2, a theme that is starting to take shape throughout all of our Quality Stats categories. 

4) Rounding out the top 5 Power Rankings are the 49ers, Chiefs, and Cowboys. Patrick Mahomes is doing his best Tony Stark (Ironman) impression, so that is no surprise, but the 49ers may become a real betting advantage if their fast start continues. With the Drew Brees injury, Dallas, on the back of Dak pushing for a massive new contract, is starting to look like a Super Bowl contender.

3) The CHFF Offensive Hog Index is our proprietary stat that measures the best offensive line. The Ravens currently sit at No. 1, followed by the Cowboys and 49ers. Offensive Hogs control football games, and if you add in the likes of Zeke Elliot and Mark Ingram pounding the ball behind those lines, the Offensive Hog Index shows we are on to something. 

2) Last week, we talked about our Intelligence Index, which proves that Smart Teams=Smart Bets. Another week behind us and of course, the Hoodie and Pats remain No. 1, the Packers, also a sleeper contender here, still come in second with another week of hope after Moron McCarthy, and the Titans, Ravens and 49ers are third through fifth, respectively. 

1) In case you missed it, there's a theme developing in the Quality Stats. The CHFF Scoreability Index measures how well teams can turn yards into points. The Patriots (2nd), 49ers (3rd), Ravens (5th), and Titans (1st), are sandwiched around the Rams. Scoreability has a history of being highly predictive of winners, which gives our members a clear edge in their NFL betting.